Jobs and freelance work

What kind of work do you offer?

We offer a Web Design Leads service. View this month's web design leads. for full details of how the service works, see our web design leads FAQ page.


Can I advertise on your site?

No, we are not offering advertising services anymore.

Do you have any job vacancies?

Currently we have no job vacancies. Please do not send any CVs/resumes. If any job vacancies become available, we will post them in a prominent position on the site.

I am a student, can you offer me a work placement?

We are sorry, but we do not have any work placements available. We would however be happy to publish any web-related essays or projects that you have done, so you can show to future employers on your CV/resume that you have some published works. Please send them to us by email.

We would like to form a partnership with you, how do we do this?

Contact us and tell us what you have to offer.

Directory Listings / Link Exchange

How Can I create a Directory listing?

If you offer web design services, you can create a free listing here. Please link back. If your site is not web design-related, it will not be displayed.


Can I add an article?

At the moment, improvement are being made to the article submission form.

I'm having problems with one of your scripts/articles, can you help?

Most articles are not written by The UK Web Design Company but have been generously added by other webmasters and so the best thing to do is contact the author. You can locate their contact details by scrolling to the bottom of the article and viewing the author's profile.

I've spotted an error on one of your articles. How can I fix it?

Please contact us so this can be fixed.

Other Matters

There is a typo or broken link on your site

Please contact us so this can be fixed.