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My name is William T and I am the founder of Softwaremaker.Net Private Limited in Singapore. I have been working with Microsoft Technologies for a long time now, jumping ship from Borland's DBase IV since 1992. Currently, besides positioning myself as a premier technical consultant of Microsoft .NET Framework Technologies, I am focusing more on architetural designs and patterns and how it will be able to solve business problems of the future

My role in the company, besides being a founder, is also that of a Software Architect as well.

Areas of expertise is in the technologies of Microsoft.Net and areas Object-Oriented Programming Principles, Analysis and Design. One area I enjoy doing extensively is applying the patterns of Architechural Designs and Principles and modelling them to fit the business domains. Not everyone can apply Object-Oriented Principles in the area of software development. That includes transforming "Logical Architechural patterns" into "Service-Oriented Architecture". Just because one knows how to use and instantiate classes doesnt mean one knows Object-Oriented Prgramming. It is an abstract topic that takes time to grasp and longer to fully use and implement it.

I was also the Software Architect for a governement-aided project in response to their Call for Collaboration. I am primary involved in building a platform that serves as an Application Service Provider Aggregator. Technologies primarily used to build this platfom will be XML Web Services, C# and VB.NET.

Feel free to email me and I try to help you in your problems. Cheers