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Internet and Website Security Articles

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1. Domain Name Registration and Privacy
Brief introduction to the 2 main methods for ensuring your privacy when you register a domain name....

2. a fraud conference in the uk
Interesting to see how the technology is driving us all, not just business....

3. Virus Nightmare..Lessons Learned
I got a virus the other day, Thursday I believe and since then I have been making FRANTIC efforts to save all my info....

4. Offsite Backups Provide Digital Peace of Mind
Unless Your Data is backed up at a secure location you are vulnerable and at RISK. THis is the one lesson that the PROS in the Giant Information Technology Centers Teach Us. Isn't it time we also learn that this is the only way to eliminate this ugly ri...

5. Security of GSM System
GSM provides a secure and confidential method of communication. ...

6. Learn how to make data backup over the Internet!
Learn about online backup. Its benefits and how to make backup with ftp to your web site or servers on the internet....

7. Your Data is Your Life
It is hard to imagine the world without computers. I often find myself wondering about how we survived in the pre-computer era. Just a few short years ago the general population used computers for much less than we do now. ...

8. Data Loss? Can Your Company Survive. (Most Do Not)
Data. Most people think it is a term relegated to the kingdom of geeks. However, in todays world your data is your life. Chances are every piece of data you might ever rely upon to make an important decision has been reduced to a digital format and res...

9. The Day My Laptop was Stolen Almost Killed My Business?..
One of the worst feelings I have ever had was the day my laptop was stolen. The laptop can be replaced. However the loss of critical DATA was the biggest risk my business has ever faced. When I recovered from the experience I asked myself the ques...

10. How Secure Are Online Data Backups?
Processing DATA is what all businesses do. Protecting data is what SMART businesses do. Smart businesses understand that if you lose your data you have lost your business. ...

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