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PHP Tutorials and Scripts

There are 25 articles / tutorials:
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1. PHP DateConvert
A tutorial that makes it easy for PHP programmers to make sense of system dates and times. ...

2. Sending SMS Through HTTP Using PHP
This article teaches web-developers how to send one or many SMS messages through an SMS Gateway using HTTP and PHP....

3. Page Excerpts Using CURL
The significance of links to external pages can be lost if those pages have a lot of clutter. If your server supports PHP, this article will show you how to extract and present only specific elements from an external page. ...

4. Site Search: Quick and Easy
A site-specific search capability is a nice feature to be able to add to a website. If a site is large and content-rich such an addition can be an indispensable aid....

5. PHP 5
This article dicusses the new features incorporated into version 5 of PHP....

6. Upload Files using PHP
A simple tutorial which helps web designers to upload files using PHP. A simple code used for uploading the details of a person along with their images etc....

7. PHP Caching to Speed up Dynamically Generated Sites
A quick guide to using the PHP output buffer functions to cache dynamic pages...

8. PHP File Manager
The file manager program is designed to upload and manage files. The files are stored in a predefined folder....

9. Reading a Delimited File using PHP
This article will show you how to read a delimited text file using PHP which will explain about various aspects of a delimited file, code explanation and source code....

10. Including PHP in HTML with IFrames
This Article will show you how to include a PHP file inside an HTML file seamlessly, using inline floating frames: Iframes ...

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