Choosing A Web Hosting Company? - Choose Well

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The internet continues its expansion daily, and one reason for this is that more and more people around the world have been attracted by the possibilities of having their own website to manage from home. And so there are more web hosting companies appearing all the time, all wanting to cash in, but how should you choose a web hosting company?

The answer is carefully, so you get a good website hosting plan. Now this may not be for the impatient types, but just a bit of research before you choose can prevent a lot of trouble later for you on the web.

Checking out independent forums is a good idea for sure to know which company is currently hot or not; here users like you will voice their complaints and sing praises about hosting situations they are in.

As well as this, never sign up for a hosting plan without first scrutinizing the terms of use that should always be available for you to read. Knowing what's in here will help you choose a host that is more suited for you and your plans on the web; be they either modest or highly ambitious.

Here are some other things you can look out for when trying to locate the host company that's right for you as well:

  • Is there a hefty sign-up fee?
  • Watch out for exorbitant fees that kick in if you overrun your transfer allocation for the month or want more disk space than was originally agreed. Virtually every provider will charge more for this, but some more than others.
  • Remember that so-called limitless space and transfer hosting will have its limits, or else they wouldn't be in business themselves. It's probably better to know exactly what your limits are before you start than have them rather vague.
  • Limits can also exist on your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) in some agreements, which may be sneakily included in data transfer that you think only applies to visitors; so there can be nothing more frustrating than learning how to FTP, only not to be allowed to do much of it.
  • Choose a host that supports more complicated scripting and a database if you have grand plans.
  • Don't choose a host that will not give a money back guarantee, and watch that some make long term commitment demands from you.
  • Some have way better technical support than others, and if you are not an expert this will be of vital importance, so always weigh up this as you seek a good choice.
  • Make sure you will get a good control panel unless you are highly proficient in the ways of the web.
  • Some companies do not allow you to register a new domain name other than through them, and if this is the case; they may charge over the odds for the service.
  • Don't get caught out by a host company that will terminate your account if you don't log in for a while, or obtain a given number of visitors.
  • Although a provider with a T3 connection for their servers should be far faster than one with a T1, this will reduced in difference if they fill their servers to bulging levels.

So there are good deals and bad ones to be found in hosting as anything else, but shop around and don't settle for what you're not happy with - there will always be someone else ready to welcome you aboard.

Publication Date: Tuesday 26th October, 2004
Author: Matt Jacks View profile

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