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A Story Of a Creative Freelancer

A Past

I used to work at the design group for a company that manufactured Glassware’s. Our management decided to outsource some of the creative work, so they recruited one freelancers to produce a logo and hire one more agency to design a sticker to introduce a new crystal glassware product line.

We received the first presentation from both within a month, and the first version from the freelancer was good and usable. But the design presented by the agency was a disaster. The agency had obviously put no thought into the design, and a work that required to put the flower design in the form of sticker. Our Creative Director sent the agency back to his office to re-submit the work.

Few days back we get the final version from the freelancers for his logo project and we paid him his due but despite repeated explanation of our requirement to the agency, they modified one portion of the sticker and left another one same like before. We again rejected the work and the last time when we saw the sticker, our management decided to shut down our door for them permanently.

The Creative Freelancers

The above example given just as an example which we regularly face on a daily basis. Independent Creative freelancers often outperform agencies in quality, price and time, yet they are 'not' taken very well because of the work like "small businesses" and the name "freelancers" associated with them which client often take it very easily and they get confidence in bigger-budget assignments to the large, "do everything" agencies or companies.

If freelancers have positive attitude, experience, hard worker, integrity, flexibility & confidence, you can easily win and make yourself as an identity among big shots. I'm listing few key advantages that any creative freelancer will easily be able to incorporate in their abilities and attitude and bring sale to their client’s projects:

1. Positive Attitude:

A client, who wanted to give their Art Work to be completed by a one-man army, started suspecting about their motives and attitude and fear of loosing money if he/she runs away in middle. This happened sometime, but freelancers who are career minded, give much more importance to their reputation and livelihood by the way of his creative work and will do anything to keep his identity very positive to their client.

2. Integrity:

As you are the only one who is doing the actual work without any help from visualizer, writers, concept designer, artist, so maintaining a feeling of being your own boss in whatever you do will bring a sense of responsibility. Remember, uniquely trained and specialized professionals provides a healthy buying market. Creative freelancers can improve productivity and work environment by borrowing good elements from the structure and organization of the corporate form and culture. Our goal should be to leverage the flexibility of being a "staff of one", and continually revise our structures and rules as soon as they become out of date.

3. Flexibility:

Client gets many advantages of getting it touch with you directly rather then going through un-necessary hassle of passing through Secretary, accountant, Creative Director and then to you. So remember, be flexible in your approach. Client will contact you directly for anything from invoicing to payment to design. so devote much more time into a piece you are creating.

4. Confidence:

In general terms freelancer are almost always cost effective than a large agency. But unless you are fresher I would recommend if the individual specializes in a true niche market don’t put your cost low, be fair and confident. If you have client who gives you regular jobs, you may consider putting a low cost, because you see, since freelancers often work from his residence and do not use huge amounts of equipment, there is no overhead to put that into invoice. This translates to tremendous savings to client.

Publication Date: Sunday 12th September, 2004
Author: Shivaji Mitra View profile

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