Recycling Web Designs

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As a web designer, how many websites have you designed? How many mockup or design studies have you presented a client? How many were approved and how many were rejected? If you have been actively designing even just for a year then I must say that you have a lot of designs under your wings already but after designing and presenting them to your client and after they have accepted or rejected them, have you ever taken the time to look at them again?

Designers love to create, at least the good ones, and designing is not just a job or something that feeds them. It is a passion, it is their life and because of this designers almost always will create new designs.

Creating new and original designs is good. It separates the real artist from the wannabes but creating new and original concepts and designs are painstakingly slow. A good and fast designer can come up with a good design in just 4 hours. Give them more time and it will be a kick ass design but what if we take away time, the client needs to see the design now then what do you do? The answer is recycle an old design.

Browse back on all the designs you made and pick a design a previous client did not select. Apply all necessary changes and customization and “wala” you have a brand new website designed. What’s great about it is it took you only an hour and a half or even lesser to do it.

Recycling a web design is different from copying a web design. Copying is using someone else’s design. Recycling is using a design you previously made which were rejected by a client. Now, you might ask, if it was rejected before then it might be rejected again? Not quite, as we all know design is very subjective. What looks good to me might not look good to you and vice versa. So, there is a very high possibility that it would be approved especially if the recycled design matches the exact, if not, most of the clients request and directions.

Benefits of recycling designs:

1. Recycling a web design saves you a lot of time.
2. It frees up bottlenecks in the production.

When not to recycle designs:

1. If the client is not in a rush and has explicitly asked you to design a new one.
2. If the design is exclusively owned by your client even if they’re just mockups.
3. If you have a lot of time to work on it.

Recycling designs is very cost effective. It enables you to use your old designs adding value to them and if you recycle designs then you will be able to present more mockups or design studies to your client.

Publication Date: Monday 21st July, 2003
Author: Romelo Jimenez Itong View profile

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