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Google WebSearch, Plus AdSense for Search is the latest service from the search engine giant, Google to empower webmasters with another way to increase their website revenue.

What is Google WebSearch?

You apply to Google to create an account, then Google let's webmasters design a seach box to use on their sites. You can allow users to search the whole web (WebSearch) or just your own domain (SiteSearch). This is something that The UK Web Design Company has been using as its search tool for many months already. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel when you can allow Google to do the work for you, and let's face it, they are pretty good at what they do.

The search result pages that Google displays will contain AdWords ads and therefore the number of advertisements that your site can display will increase. As this is a new service, it will be interesting to see just how many extra advertisments will be shown and more interestingly how much extra revenue they generate. Webmasters will be able to track the number of ads shown, clickthrough rates and revenue via their web-based account. This can be found via the "Search Performance" tab.

The nice aspect of the system is that it is hands-off for the webmaster, just like with the AdSense programme, Google take care of the hosting, tracking and other technicalities as well as acquiring the advertisements, while the webmaster is free to concentrate on other matters.

Customising WebSearch

Just like with AdSense, the WebSearch facility is customisable. Go to the "Search Settings" tab and you get to choose the colours of headings, text, backgrounds, borders etc and you can name your palettes for future use as well as name different channels. This is a handy features, as it allows you to monitor the activity across various pages so you can experiment with colours or ad sizes to see which works best on your particular site. There is also a URL filter to prevent ads being displayed from unwanted sources. The WebSearch results page can also display your company logo which can link to any URL you like.

Looking forward to seeing the first results come in.

Publication Date: Friday 18th June, 2004
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