The Evolution of the Internet

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Whatever your views are about the Internet, good or bad, it is here to stay and it is evolving at breakneck speed (in business terms anyway!) I have been in the Internet industry for many years and seen many trends come and go (not dissimilar to my wardrobe) but I have always managed to be on the cutting edge of those trends (that’s web development, not my clothes).

Seriously! Your website is your window to the world for your business, and in the coming years, many business’s will fail due to inadequate websites. (Internet Works 2003)

It’s amazing how much site design still isn’t thought through. Difficult navigation, baffling content structure or just plain ugly. Here are the 7 DEADLY SINS OF WEB DESIGN, which will have your viewers jumping away, quicker than a Lemming with a parachute.

  • PRIDE - The worst thing you can do to your visitors is ignore them, make sure your website is compatible to all browsers, old or new. A large % of users do not have state of the art computer set-ups.
  • ENVY – Using animated pictures from other sites, to use on your site, many sites look clichéd, and outdated due to copying, think different, look different.
  • GLUTTONY – Everyone’s got fast connections, not true, as well as broadband users, 56k is alive and kicking, these too should be catered for.
  • LUST – Some website are littered with lots of bodily delights, but these can stop good listing within search engines, is this why you cannot be found?
  • ANGER – Poorly designed navigation could be stressing out your viewers, how many times how you cursed a site, because you cannot find your way round.
  • GREED – To much information on one screen at once, can baffle your viewers into leaving your site. We all do it when faced with information overdose.
  • SLOTH – Un maintained and/or dated looking template sites, will not instil confidence into your potential and existing customers.

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Publication Date: Thursday 17th July, 2003
Author: Stuart Lovatt View profile

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