The Buzz About Links - What About Yours?

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These days, if you pay any attention to even a small portion about what goes on with web advertising, you're sure to hear about getting more links for your own web site.

I want to discuss a little something called internal links:

See, most sites that I visit are well on their way to getting a great (GPR)Google Page Ranking for their site. Whoops, wait a minute, I mean their main page! Only:

More times than none, many sites don't even provide a "site map" which simply indicates all the pages for their site. It's even writen within the guidelines from google! They even TELL YOU to provide a site map! If you've never read the google guidelines, don't be foolish as to think you know what it says, go read them here:

Pay special attention to what you should, and especially what shouldn't do!

On another note: The whole point of this article is to explain to you that you can raise your internal rankings simply by changing your web site structure.

It seems that in order to get a page to PR4/10, you need to have that page on 4-6 pages with 4/10 or better.

Let's say for instance, your main page is finally pr4, and let's also say that most of your pages are pr3. What you want to do is promote 3 of the pr3 pages in order to get them to pr4 as well.

Once you finally have pr4/10 for 4 of your pages, now you can finally raise your ranking. Here's the fun part...

I want you look at your site and see if you actually list all your pages on all your pages. If you don't, do this step right away and keep it clean. I know some of you might be thinking, well I have too many to list, or some of your might be thinking, I am already doing that.

Just stick to that formula because once you have 4 of your pages with pr4/10 it won't be long before your entire site goes to pr4 (Given that all your pages are listed on all your pages).

Once this happens, the next step is PR5!

The norm for pr5 is to get about 50-70 pr4 links. Whether they are internally or externally. Please note that you need 50-70 pr links for one page alone in order to raise that specific page to pr5. So if you want to raise your main page to pr5, get 50-70 pr4 links to that page.

I hope we all know what happens to pages that are ranked 4/10 or better don't we? Our search engine rankings get better!

Have fun with this one and always remember to keep tweaking your structure in order to get the most out of your entire web site, not just your main page!

Publication Date: Wednesday 26th May, 2004
Author: Martin Lemieux View profile

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