TEN Tips for Your web site Home page.

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Radhika Venkata(c).

1. Loading time:

  • Try to create pages that are below 20kb in size.
  • Use fewer images.
  • Specify the height and width of images.
  • Use HTML without errors.
  • WYSIWYG editors bloat up your HTML code, so try using a text editor instead of a visual editor.

2. Images-only home page:

Say goodbye to images only home pages. Home pages with flash only introductions or only graphics don't attain good ranking in search engines.

3. Content:

Put content that is related to your products or a list of your products with some text under them. Don't forget to sprinkle some keywords in that text.

4. Links to your Products:

Make it easy for your visitor to reach your product pages. After all your purpose of setting up a web site is to make sales. Right? On each page you can use same navigational menu so that your visitor can reach any page on your web site with two clicks.

5. Headings and subheadings:

Highlight your product benefits or services. Put your content as short paragraphs. Believe it or not, if the matter is like short paragraphs anybody can read whole page instead of a half page singe paragraph.

6. Promotions and sales:

If you are offering any promotional methods on your products like free upgrades for limited time or reduction of price to half for limited time etc, state them bold on your home page. This may make your visitor click on your link and check out your product.

7. Links to Outside domain:

As a rule of thumb, don't put links to other domains from your homepage, unless those are also yours. If you are participating in link exchanges then create separate folder for link exchanges like yourdomain.com/linkpartners/index.html

8. Pop-ups on Your home page:

Personally I never liked them before and even I don't advice to put pop ups on your web sites. If you do a search on Overture, there are more searches for the term pop-up blockers. So you decide yourself.

These are first 4 terms-
(148790 - pop up blocker,65195 - blocker free pop up,53141 - pop up stopper, 47157 - pop up blockers)

If you still love pop ups go for floating box that keep a small box that floats at the corner of your home page.

More about floating ads here:

9. Home page ranking:

Try to stick on to one url in link exchanges or ezine articles.
When you do page ranking in Google, all these urls give different page ranking:


10. Look a little professional:

A Little professionalism on your home page keeps your visitors for a few more seconds. And that few more seconds counts a lot to increase of your newsletter sign ups and sales.

Publication Date: Tuesday 25th May, 2004
Author: Radhika Venkata View profile

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