miFAUN (Manvish Internet Fingerprint Authentication)

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System Overview

Fingerprint, MiFAUN The miFAUN is a web enabled Biometric Fingerprint authenticator with complete access control and Time attendance functions built into the system. The miFaun is built upon the following core technologies

? Biometric Authentication with capacitive fingerprint sensor
? Built-in RFID to process personal ID (Employee Number)
? Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) with 802.2ef standard
? Built-in Web Server for platform independent operation
? Built-in database server.
? Built-in TCP/IP connection for direct LAN / WAN / Internet connection
These miFAUN terminals are small in size - not much larger than a floppy disc but are extremely powerful.

The device miFaun is very small in size and consumes less power. The installation is very simple, can be mounted on a wall or on a table depending on the application. The application software required for the access control and Time Attendance application is built into the unit. Therefore it does not require any additional Hardware and Software installation for it?s functioning

About miFAUN

The miFaun is a webenabled fingerprint authenticator mainly used for Access control and Time attendance functions. The miFaun with its fingerprint authentication capabilities provides high-level security for access control and genuine personal identity for Time attendance functions.

The miFaun can be configured for both access control and Time attendance functions as standalone unit or with multiple units. In case of standalone application a single miFaun unit is used for access control and time attendance function with web enable features built into the unit. In case of multiple units application several miFaun units are used for access control and time attendance functions with Master and Clients concept. Master unit provides the web interface and manages all the clients on the network. Clients provide the access control and time attendance functions for various departments in a company on a network.

Networking multiple miFAUN System together over a LAN or WAN in a master/slave configuration will allow you to secure multiple doors within your enterprise - even if they are not in the same facility. All that is required to network these devices is a simple RJ45 connection and a static IP address on your network. It really is that easy to control access to your facility.

The miFaun collects the access log and time attendance details electronically and enables the data on Internet. The web enable feature allows the user to down load the data using any web browser and these data can be downloaded in either CSV, Xls or Text format for exporting into any payroll or HR package.


? Completely independent and standalone
? Web enabled facility to access from any remote computer
? Based on capacitive static sensor for high reliability
? Built-in web server for remote login and access
? Built-in database to store user details, access rights and logs
? Configurable as standalone device or network device with multiple units
? RFID support to identify the user
? Support RFID based access cards / Photo ID cards
? Built-in Power On LAN support to drive the D.C power through LAN cable (12 V D.C adapter is not required)
? Operates with 12 V DC without built-in Power On LAN
? Supports 12 key keypad for normal operations
? Provides option to enroll multiple Fingerprints
? Provides 2 sets of NO/NC output for Door /Gate access
? Provides 1 input for sensing the signal like Door / Gate is opened or closed
? Built-in Buzzer for audio alert
? Built-in RTC with battery backup
? Configurable as only password enabled or only RFID enabled or only Fingerprint enabled or the combination of all
? Generate the reports like movement logs, Attendance & access logs
? Reports are generated in the standard format like HTML, CSV (EXEL) and TEXT format.

Technology Overview

The miFAUN is a web enabled Biometric Fingerprint authenticator with complete access control and Time attendance functions built into the system. The miFaun has got built-in features to connect to Internet directly without using PC. The miFaun can be accessed through Internet using any standard browser for configuration and report generations. The web enabled feature allows the user to monitor, control and access the miFaun remotely from any place. Using miFaun the data of any remote branch office(s) can be accessed through Internet from the main office for payroll process and HR activities. Using the web enabled features even the transfer of employees from one office to other office can be managed and monitored remotely. The online reports can be generated by the authorized personal using any standard browser at any place. The web enabled feature also provides the facility to register employees personal data and Fingerprint data from the central location or at any location where the employees are located. The personal data and Fingerprint data can be transferred through Internet to store in the selected miFaun units.


The web server is built-into miFaun to enable the computers connected over network/Internet to access directly without using PC via the Internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape navigator. The web server built-into miFaun is based on Linux platform, which provides the flexibility and platform independent operations. The platform independent feature allows different computers such as Microsoft windows, Unix, Linux, Apple Macintosh to access miFaun without using any additional software.

Built-in Database Server

The miFaun has built-in database server to allow the query on the database built-into the device for any information. Any computer can retrieve the information stored in miFaun over LAN/Internet through built-in database server. The various reports such as attendance, time and access logs can be retrieved from the device by querying the database through any Internet browser. This feature eliminates the need of any dedicated computer with a software package and database server. All reports can be generated on real-time basis from any place, any time by authorized persons through any standard browser.



The miFaun has got built-in RFID read/write unit to read / write the employee ID used to identify the user or Employee. Using RFID built into miFaun user need not to key in the employee ID using keypad available in the miFaun. Every user or Employee can be provided with an ID card with RFID tag being fixed to the ID card. This card can also be used as photo ID card of an Employee. Whenever the employee wants to enter the building / room, an employee will bring the RFID card near to miFaun, then miFaun will read the employee ID stored in the ID card through contact less RF signal. If the Employee ID already exists in the system, then the Employee will be asked to put the Finger for verification / authentication. The RFID unit will read the Employee ID faster than the entering the Employee ID through keypad, this feature enhances the access speed.

The RFID unit built into miFaun is used to write the ID number of an Employee into RFID tag at the time of Employee registration. This activity is done only by the authorized person who will identify the Employee and capture Fingerprint to store in miFaun. Using RFID based Employee ID cards the access will become faster and the miFaun can be configured for only RFID based access or both RFID and Fingerprint based access.

The miFaun with RFID will allow to use Employee ID up to 10 alphanumeric characters. Using this facility the existing Employee ID?s can be used without any change. This provides the flexibility to use the existing payroll and HR packages in the company.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The miFaun has built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) to take the power for its operation through the LAN cable RJ45. The PoE in miFaun meets the PoE standards 802.3af to use on any corporate network either LAN or WAN environment. The built-in PoE simplifies the installation and deployment of miFaun. However, the PoE convergence of power and LAN cabling eliminates the need for additional cabling and AC outlet installation


Following are the Advantages of using PoE in miFaun:

Cost savings:

PoE simplifies the installation and deployment of miFaun. In case of multiple miFaun installations in a corporate environment, traditionally, separate power cabling, AC outlets and wall warts were necessary to power each miFaun. However, the PoE convergence of power and LAN cabling eliminates the need for additional cabling and AC outlet installation. Power can be supplied for all miFaun units from one central place through LAN cable.


Separate power and data connections require miFaun to be installed in close proximity to an AC outlet. Such restrictions limit the device's range and usefulness. The miFaun with built-in PoE is free to roam throughout the enterprise requiring only a single connection to the network.


Power backup:

PoE also offers tremendous savings in power backup. PoE built-in to miFaun utilizes a centralized back-up system requiring only a single UPS at the network's core. This eliminates the multiple UPSs required for each miFaun for power backup. This will bring down the cost and simplifies the maintenance.

Compatibility with existing network infrastructure:

The miFaun with built-in PoE works with existing cable plant, including Category 3, 5, 5e or 6. Similarly, users can freely and safely mix legacy and PoE enabled miFaun on a network.


Just as Ethernet is a reliable medium for transmitting data, miFaun with built-in PoE is more reliable and safe. Power reliability is very important for miFaun in case of Security, access control and Time attendance application



A typical network diagram showing multiple miFAUN Systems connected through a corporate network. Each miFAUN is assigned its own specific IP address. These systems can be set up in a master / slave configuration so that biometric template data is replicated automatically throughout the network on each miFAUN.

Optionally, the template matching can be performed on a secure server at a single point on the network. For this type of environment, the Client/Server iGuard is necessary.

Manvish :: Fingerprint

This diagram shows multiple miFAUN units connected through the Internet or over a WAN. This environment requires the master/slave configuration for template matching because of the latency on the network when retrieving templates and matching them to a central database over the WAN.

Publication Date: Friday 14th May, 2004
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