How To Create A Web Site Faster, Better and Focused On Your Target Group

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Are you aware that 90% of the web site on the Internet today are a waste of time and space. You have probably been on some of the sites I am referring to. Those web site you arrive at after you do a search from you favorite Search Engine only to find that it was not even what you were looking for.

This is the point of this article. Why are people creating these web sites that are doing what they think they are.

Creating a web site is actually quite easy today with all the tools available to new netrepreneurs. You can get tools and resources that will help you create a great looking web site in just minutes instead of the hours and days it took only a few short years ago.

Perhaps this is where the problem begins. No real thought has to go into what makes a great web page.

So don't let yourself be deceived. A great looking web page does not mean you have a great web site. There is much more to a web site than just making it look great, and yes that is important also.

Building a better web site faster doesn't mean that you are going to build it in minutes. I means that you will build it effectively and in that way you will not spend months trying to figure out why it does not produce results.

Going back to search engines for a moment. Think about what you do to find something on the internet. You type in your search criteria using KEYWORDS and PHRASES, correct. Then when you go to the web site you find that you did not get a web site that supplies you with what you searched for.

This happens because people either put keywords in their web site to attract anyone to their web site or they just don't have any idea about how to use keywords and phrased to focus on specific target groups.

Your first time saving tip is:

If you want a great web site that does what you want it to do you must learn a few things about your target group.

Now you may be asking yourself what the heck is Jim talking about. Target Group??

Yes, your target group. That group of people that want and need your product or service. You need to know what they are looking for. What they expect to see and feel when they get to your web site.

Getting 100 people to your web site that want or need what you have is far better than 1000 that arrive at your site only to find that you do not have what they thought you had. Focus on who you want on your site and why.

One of your priority goals should be to complete a study that helps you to focus on every area you need to focus on that will make you an expert on your target group.

Find out what makes your target group tick. Why are they who they are.

Do a demographic study.

The study of the characteristics of human populations, such as size, growth, density, distribution, and vital statistics.

  • What makes these people who they are and the perfect choice for your product or service.
  • Why are they your best choice over other groups of people.
  • Do they fit into a specific age group. Like Baby Boomers.
  • Is you product directed toward people that are 50 or older like me?
  • Is your product something that is useful to teens.
  • Does their location make them a candidate for your product or service.
  • Is your product gender specific.

List every BENEFIT your product or service has and then figure out who needs your product and why.

Then take your list and study each item. Once you have done this you can make a new list that gives you more data about the type of people that you want coming to your web site.

If you make your first goal to study your target group before you ever build your web site you will indeed build a better web site and faster than 90% of other people.

Publication Date: Sunday 12th October, 2003
Author: James Mann View profile

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