Web Page Design FAQs

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Web Page Design FAQs

How can a Web Page Design be made compatable for most browsers?

There is no such technology control available on the World Wide Web. How a Web Page looks depends on browser, computer, screen etc. What a Web Designer can do is the Web Page Design should be acceptable in most of the browsers. For this, the Web Page should be error free, alignment consideration is necessary etc.

Why colors of my Web Page looks different on different machines?

Colors visible in a Web Page are mixture of three colors R, G and B (Red, Green and Blue). The shades of these three colors may vary monitor to monitor. This is why colors of a Web Page may seem different in different monitor.

Why the text of my Web Page comes different on different machines?

The font used in your Web Page must be installed in the machine you are viewing in. Every font used in your Web Page is not installed in every machine. Like, suppose font face is defined as Geneva, Arial. Geneva is common on Macs, so Mac users will see the text in Geneva font face. Arial, is common on Macs and PCs but because you have put Geneva in front of Arial, it takes precedence on Macs. PC owners will see the Arial font face.

How can I protect my images from being copied from my Web Page?

 In no way. You can not protect your images to be copied. Even if you write a script for right click etc. one can take a print screen of the Web Page and crop-out the image.

Is it mandatory to learn HTML for a Web Page Design?

Yes advisable. If you do not know HTML and design a Web Page by using an editor like Dreamweaver, then you may not have a nicely designed Web Page. You can not handle the CSS etc. without having a knowledge of HTML.

Should I avoid using tables in my Web Page Design?

The table in HTML has limited properties in marking-up a Web Page. Its markup is somehow complex. There is a lack of accessibility of content. Its good substitute is CSS-P.

For what screen size I should design my Web Page?

The most common screen size is 800x600 pixels closely followed by 1024x768 pixels, according to a survey. So you should try to keep the width of main part of your Web Page 720-760 pixels. In these days people are using other devices also to access a Web Page, like mobile phone etc. These have a smaller screen size so to make your Web Page nicely viewable in such devices etc., one should use percentage option for width etc. rather than pixel one.

What file size should my Web Pages be?

There is no such limit of file sizing. As less will be the file size of a Web Page as fast it will get downloaded. It is predicted that some search engines recognise more if the Web Page has 40-70 kb size.

Publication Date: Friday 15th April, 2005
Author: Binay - Web Designer View profile

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